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This platform provides a space for citizens and local communities to share their thoughts, knowledge, dreams and hopes for the future of the places they inhabit.

The Citizen Hub is divided into three main areas -

Insights - A space for sharing thoughts, insights and knowledge, as and when they come up, here there is the opportunity to not only share a written description but we have the added feature of a space to upload images of the area/topics in question or visual representations of what could be. Utilising AI image generation technology users can also generate an image of what they might dream for the future.

Questions - A space where the user is notified by push notification with at least one new question weekly, these questions are aimed at gathering the views of the local population so we can evaluate the data and relay the core topics and data that are arising. Here too, we have the opportunity to upload images, and visual ideas.

Mapping - location-based information gathering is our final section. Here we have the opportunity to drop a pin on a map of the local area whereby precise locations can be recorded and the insights, knowledge and comments can be attached.

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